Minecon Indies Presents Top Indie Games to Support

Minecon Indie is proud to present you with a list of following Indie Games that we have picked and curated for your enjoyment. All the games here are created by talented Indie Developers that are on top of their game. Some of the games may already have been played by you but we hope that you will discover something new here to try out!


Want to party with your friend but got nothing to do? Sportsfriends is a game designed to get your and your friends spirits up in party and have you blasting with laughters in no time. Available on multiple platforms including PS3, PS4, MS Windows, Mac OSX and Linux, this is a game that has gotten a cool score of 4 stars out of 5 from Hardcore Gamer.

Secrets of Rætikon

An ambitious game that chews more than it was clearly capable of, Screts of Raetikon is a single player game that promises open-ended game play. Unfortunately, the has yet to be completed and many players are dissatisfied with the current state of developers, Broken Rules.

Aaru's Awakening

Indie 2D platform action games are all the rage and it is easy to see why. Since the advent of Super Mario on Nintendo, the technology has come a long way that even a single developer can produce a well-manufactured platform action game. Aaru’s Awakening is yet another one of those games and it differentiates itself by having some cool abilities like teleporting that is a hoot to play.

Cannon Brawl

Self-proclaimed as one of the best action-RTS game designs in years by Sam Machkovech of Arstechnica.com, Cannon Brawl is an indie strategy game that runs in real time. This means your wits and twitch skills will be tested to the fullest. Enjoy the one on one battles you can do against other foes.

Dungeon of the Endless

A dungeon defense game that combines RPG elements on top of strategy? Sign us up! Dungeon of the Endless has been a storm amongst some of the hardcore gamers and for a good reason. Since its release in 2014 by AMPLITUDE studios, you are put into the planet Auriga and your purpose is soon to be discovered as a party of intergalactic adventure no sci-fi fans can resist.

Treasure Adventure World

Open world 2D platform games can provide unlimited replayability due to their flexibility and imaginative nature. What makes Treasure Adventure World shine is the beautiful HD graphics that supports widescreen monitors. Also impressive is all the puzzles that are intuitive yet challenging enough.

Sims FreePlay: Sim-U-Kraft Reloaded

For anyone that is a massive Sims FreePlay fan on top of being Minecraft fanatic, this mod is for you. Sim-U-Kraft Reloaded was developed with in cooperation with the emerald sims estates that specializes in working hacks to make the game easier for iPhone and iPod players of the game. Now, you too can enjoy Sims exprience on Minecraft. Build a little town of yours and socialize and make a community that will outlast the monsters!


Nuclear Throne

Roguelike video game is a go-to formula for many indie gamers because it is fun and received well by casual gamers and hardcore gamers alike. Originally released on desktop OS like Windows and OS X, it was subsequently released on PS4 and Vita in 2015. Be warned though, this game is TOUGH. Once you die, there is no continuation. You start over. From zero.

Eden Star

Multiplayer is your thing? Well then, try out Eden Star that is compatible with VR support. If you are one of the fortunate ones to have your hands on the Rift or Oculus, then Eden Star will immerse you in a whole different world. The downside to the game is lack of content. You can blaze through the game in a few days, leaving you wanting more.

Shovel Knight

Stunning 2d side-scrolling game that will make any oldschool gamers glee with joy. Developed by Yacht Club Games, this game looks simple on its appearance, with 8-bit sprite based graphics that looks a lot like many of the classic 2d platform action games. Shovel Knight is available on Steam.

Desktop Dungeons

Innovative game that allows you to play on multiple devices and platforms, Desktop Dungeon combines the best elements of roguelike dungeon crawler with up to 20 classes to unlock and play with, as well as endless amounts of quests and puzzles that will make your eyes spin out of sockets. Many players complain about the control that isn’t as tight as it should be, compared to other top-end roguelike games.

Castle Story

Gamers with inclination towards strategy and world-building needs to look no more. Adventure is the focus on this indie game that is somewhat similar to Minecraft but not quite. Your avatar is a nifty little entity known as Briktrons and your job is to build something. Anything. Get your imagination run while and participate in unique multiplayer co-op experience offered.


Adventure indie games are tough to master. Masterpieces like Grim Fandango and Machinarium have set a high bar and it is up to independent game developers to clear it with consistency. However, for gamers, that has not been the case. Journal is a bit of a disappointing entry into the foray of indie games. Winner of Indie Cade selection in 2013 and Notgames-fest in 2013, Journal is a fun game to run through but left players yearning for more in the storyline as well as atmosphere of the world it attempted to create.


If you choose to play one game on this list, then go with Broforce. You will not be disappointed. Touted by many game critics as ‘must-play-event’, Broforce is a culmination of all the top gameplay elements of action platformer. You will have endless fun blowing up not just your enemies (in co-op mode too!), but all the environments and things you see and run into in the game. Available on steam for Windows, Mac and Steam OS.


Hyper Light Drifter

Action-RPG game that quickly ramps up in difficulty level, you are in control of a brave warrior that needs to fight the monsters in dungeons and other settings to get more gear, level up and more. The game runs flawlessly on Windows but also acceptably on Mac OS X and Linux as well.


Started off as a kickstarter, this unique game tries to mash up 8-bit and 16-bit classic games of yesteryears. Set in the planet far away called Gomi, you assume a role of a cute little robot that is tasked with exploring and forging your own path by collecting energy crystals, which you can then use to upgrade your character, as well as gears.

Pig Eat Ball

Little oink-y piggy needs to eat! And eat a lot…of balls. This super hyper game that looks like pac-mac on steroids is all the rage. There are six massive and interactive world available: Outer Courts, Sushi Garden, Sports Barena, and 3 more yet to be uncovered. This wholesome game is friendly to all age-groups and mother approved.


Set in futuristic settings, you are a colonist out to colonize the many planets and rocks that are hurling through space. You start with your base, which is the foundation to everything. Then you start exploring procedural-based environment in order to gather resources and learn more about the planet you are inhabiting. Fun game if you are into simulation games.

Contraption Maker

A game that must be played with friends to be truly enjoyed. Sure, you can play this by yourself but why would you want to? What makes this game incredible is if you have played The Incredible Machine, a classic game that most old-school gamers know about. Contraption Maker brings back all that cool stuffs found in TIM, and updates it to the modernity.


Experimental VR game that simulates the journey into your consciousness. If you pick up this game and play it, it’s fairly apparent that it is designed to simulate certain meditative states you can get by exploring human consciousness. With killer sound track and effects and unique gameplay, SoundSelf is worth a shot if you are into games that tickles your imagination.